The Greatest Guide To Parent Engagement Platform

Parents talk constantly about their kids' schools. Parents love to gossip. I should know, I'm a parent and was a middle school math teacher. But parents had one set of information, schools had another set of information, and they weren't talking to each other. I decided to change that. Possip prompts parents for weekly feedback, and turns that parent engagement into data that schools use to track trends, solve problems, and bring joy to teachers and parents. Being a founder of color here in Nashville, I didn't see myself as typical Silicon Valley founder. I am based out of a Google for Startups tech hub. That's how I found out about their Black Founders Immersion Program, which led me to Founder Gym. It gave me a community of other founders who, like me, had an idea that they were looking to bring into the world. We went from seven school partners to 75 school partners and 33,000 parents in our platform. The impact is changing the mindsets and the culture of schools. When we can get parents and teachers talking to each other, we get a little closer to making her latest blog a better future for our kids.

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